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Sri Sai Digital have been supplying quality printing in Sivakasi. We provide our services to many large corporations, financial institutions and leading businesses. We have proven our ability to provide quality printed materials on affordable cost within expected delivery times. Sri Sai Digital have monitoring economic trends, job versatility, quality assurance systems, improvements in technology and plant equipment, our planning has paid-off and we have by no way reached our limit with customer Support and Needs. Our history has formed a stable base for our future growth and development as we progress. Our combined divisions of Offset Press, Digital Printing, Design Support, Planet Direct Mail, are the our avail Printing Press. We are able to provide the vast majority of print and marketing needs for most Business organizations.


We at Sri Sai Digital believe that, in a highly competitive environment, a flyer is still a reflection of your company, and that your reputation should not be tarnished due to poor quality flyers.

As a mass-produced marketing tool flyers are usually produced at high speed, using low resolution and little to no quality checks. Sri Sai Digital prides itself in providing vibrant colour, high resolution flyer printing,thereby enhancing your company's image.

Sri Sai Digital

Business Cards

Because first impressions last, your business card is a crucial element of your corporate identity.Let yours work for you! We offer an unlimited variety of business cards, including folded cards, laminated cards, tent cards, to name but a few.

Sri Sai Digital


What better way to keep your business in the spotlight than with an annual customised calendar.To make the calendar even more striking, Sri Sai Digital can go as far as personalising visual images, making it even more applicable to your client andguaranteeing its retention.

Sri Sai Digital


Whether you want to print a small amount of magazines designed for promotion or whether you are a small publisher, Sri Sai Digital will give you the highest quality magazine that meets all your expectations.

Sri Sai Digital


Sri Sai Digital have advanced printing technology, it is possible to print one book or as many as required at any given time. Regardless of the quantity printed, superior quality is guaranteed.

Book covers and binding options: hard cover, soft cover, perfect bind or wire bind, depending on your requirements and budget.

Sri Sai Digital

Training Material

Comprehensible training material is key to an effective learning environment. Poor quality training material automatically creates a barrier to learning. Sri Sai Digital has the ability to deliver quality results, in any required quantity, on demand.

We have a wide range of products, including personalised name badges, wall charts, collated and bound training manuals, to name only a few.

Sri Sai Digital

Labels & Stickers

Why not give a personalized gift? Sri Sai Digital can print wine labels for weddings, birthday parties or as corporate gifts. The opportunities on Vinyl are endless with water-bottle labels, party Giftbox stickers and so much more.

Sri Sai Digital

School Diaries

Organize your learners, keep parents informed and support your educators. Gain control over homework with a compulsory, pre-designed homework diary. It is a personal glimpse into the lives and personalities of your students in a world where technology rules the day.

Sri Sai Digital


Brochures tell your clients who you are and what you have to offer. Sri Sai Digital produces brochures of the highest quality that stands out from the crowd. We offer a vast array of paper stocks, folding and finishing designs, in order to create a professional tailor-made brochure.

Sri Sai Digital

Presentation Folders

Your presentation folder is a key element in promoting your company’s image or brand. A custom, full colour, high quality presentation folder allows you to project a professional image and reinforce your company brand.

Colourtech can design and print folders according to your specifications and requirements, based on the material you wish to present.

Sri Sai Digital

Corporate stationery

Sri Sai Digital can deliver on all your stationery needs. We print letterheads, second sheets and complimentary sheets, to name a few. Our highly experienced design team can assist in developing perfect, highly impactful stationery. We respect that budgets are tight, and therefore we do not require minimum orders.

Sri Sai Digital

NCR Books

Need time sheet books, invoice or delivery books? Sri Sai Digital can assist you with various sizes and formats which will suit your business needs. Duplicate, triplicate, self carbonated paper and much more.

Sri Sai Digital


Photobooks are a great way of showing off those special events in your life. Don’t hide your photos on a memory stick or CD. Share them with family and friends and have a laugh at the good times.

Sri Sai Digital


Notepads make for a great marketing tool. Every time your client writes a note they will be looking at your corporate logo, and when they are ready to place an order, your brand will be the first that comes to mind.

Unlike a lot of marketing tools, notepads are usually retained. To make a notepad with even more impact, Sri Sai Digital can even personalise the notepad.

Sri Sai Digital


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